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Factfulness Hans Rosling Inbunden. We hear from IBM scientist Chris Lutz, who has used one of the sharpest blades in the world to slice up individual atoms. However it's only recently that the serious impact of lead poisoning on the development of children's brains has come to light. From a pioneering experiment on rapid eye movement sleep, to a brand new 'dream signature' found in the brain, they discover how scientists are investigating our hidden dreamworld. What if your brain could naturally control pain?

How do we plan for and protect those who will be our distant descendants and yet may have hopes, fears, languages, beliefs, even religions that we simply cannot predict?

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Should we give a second thought about the deaths of these creatures? But who will emerge victorious in this messy baking battle? The Great Green Wall, credit: The survey entailed members of the public setting up lethal wasp traps in their gardens and sending the dead insects to the lab running the survey. Scientists marvel at their axolotl-breeding talents and are now working with them to save the animal from extinction. Iodine is a key component of thyroid hormones, responsible for the regulation of our metabolism.


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