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Cervinae and a phylogenetic analysis with related species. To illustrate phylogeography of red deer Cervus elaphus populations of Xinjiang, we determined their mitochondrial DNA mtDNA control region sequences, and then investigated geographic variations and phylogenetic relationships between Xinjiang populations and other populations from Asia, Europe, and North America. Genetic variation and population structure of the Japanese sika deer Cervus nippon in Hokkaido Island, based on mitochondrial D-loop sequences. Eric Waltari, Eric P. Russian Journal of Theriology

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The red deer Cervus elaphus is widely distributed in Palaearctic and Nearctic regions Fig.

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Zoological Science

Fossil data showed that C. Consequently, two copies third and fourth copies of the motifs were absent in populations of both Tarim and Europe, compared with those of the other areas Fig. In addition, Tianshan E4 and Altai E5 populations from northern Xinjiang were included in the Eastern lineage, whereas the Tarim population W1 from southern Xinjiang was grouped into the Western lineage Fig. Rita Lorenzini, Luisa Garofalo. Numbers 1—6 indicate tandem repeats of 38 to bp motifs. Haplotype names refer to those of Appendix.

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