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The Swedish families described coping with the past and the presentand their children the different food and taste worlds at school and at home. Cultural identity in this respect is a matter of the wishes of the husband, followed by those of the women and children and, at the same time, the strong pressure of the Swedish host country. This thesis consists of four studies reflecting information and education on food and meals at different levels of society. Cultural foodways in Sweden: Choice of food and food traditions in pre-war Bosnia-Herzegovina: A survey of refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina living in Sweden was undertaken to describe the choice of food and food traditions in pre-war Bosnia.

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Gustafsson, Inga-Britt, Professor Örebro universitet, Institutionen för restaurang- och måltidskunskap.

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Qualitative data analysis identified a large consumption of bread as a staple food with meat, vegetables, milk, cheese, legumes, egg and fish as additions. The overall aim of this thesis, therefore, was to obtain a grasp of the way children and families think of food and meals in a cultural perspective, in order to understand the areas where food information and education appears to take root. The aim of this study has been to make a general evaluation of tasting lessons in four fifth-year classes. Veterinaer- og Landbohøjskole, Köpenhamn. Immigrants in Sweden have on average poorer health than native Swedes, including the risk of nutritional problems. Örebro universitet, Restaurang- och hotellhögskolan - Grythytte akademi.

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