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Moving, mirthful and minimalist, Broken Flowers is a bittersweet treat from indie great Jim Jarmusch. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Park Chan-wook Madness seems to possess them; one sees them, their hair down like furies, throwing boiling oil, furniture, paving stones, on the soldiers, and when they are taken, they throw themselves desperately on the bayonets and die still trying to fighte36 The Reverend William Gibson, who was not in Paris during the week of fighting and did not see the prisoners himself, neverthe- less recorded in a letter on May 27 that "we learn that women, more like furies than human beings, have taken a fiendish part in the work of destruction. Maxime DuCamp, one of Versailles's strongest proponents, was distressed by the spectators' lack of charity, in general, and the women's behavior, in particular: Goncourt, 8 14 emphasis added.

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See, for instance, Edward S.

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The Handmaiden

Some of the most lasting and powerful symbols are fe- male allegories whose representative power is derived from com- plex reversals of gender assumptions and the depiction of an ideal- ized female body rather than of the "imperfect, permeable and. By that evening other fires had been set, some for strategic reasons, some as revenge against the monarchy and upper-class "justice. On May 27, the Times reported that ten soldiers had been poisoned by a cantini8re; the next day, Edwin Child, a young Englishman in Paris, wrote to his father that forty men had been poisoned. Largely forgotten today except by students of French history, this representation of the dangerous, unruly woman-the female in- cendiary-became an international symbol, not only of the Com- mune itself but also of the evils of revolution, and played a pivotal role in creating a long-lasting emotional response to what was a short-lived ten-week revolution in France. Following the election of a National Assembly on February 8, Adolphe Thiers, an ultracon- servative politician who was elected head of the Executive Power by the new assembly, accepted the Prussians' peace terms, which included the payment of five thousand million francs in indemni- ty, the secession of Alsace and Lorraine to the new German state, and a triumphal march of Prussian troops down the Champs Elysees in Paris. I am convinced that the first exclamation of the vast majority of those who may come over to see for themselves the destruction wrought in Paris will be, "How grossly these newspaper correspondents have exaggerated.

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